herunterladen Improved Decision-making in Data Mining epub pdf

herunterladen Improved Decision-making in Data Mining epub pdf

Improved Decision-making in Data Mining

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This book explores model selection using decision
trees based on discretized data, and the accompanying
implications this has for decision-makers. Model
selection is a non-trivial exercise with a large
impact on decision-making. An information criterion
for selecting between competing decision tree models
is presented along with a method for quantifying the
opportunity costs of choosing a specific decision
tree. After the initial information criterion
development a real world example from an American
insurance company call center is presented. The
example includes the development of a program to
automate data discretization, decision tree creation,
and decision tree selection. A decision tree is
chosen and critically analyzed from a managerial
decision-making point of view. Actual call center
performance data is used as input data and results
are identified and presented in a way that is
advantageous to managers.

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